The McAdory Fund

Michael McAdoryThe Chicago Hellfire Club is proud to provide help to those in the leather community who are having financial difficulties.  The primary purpose of the McAdory Fund is to provide immediate direct financial aid on a temporary basis to any members of the leather/SM/fetish community who demonstrates financial need they cannot meet on their own

The McAdory Fund was created almost 30 years ago by the Chicago Hellfire Club in the memory of Michael McAdory to provide financial support to members of the leather community whose health left them unable to pay rent, medical bills, and other necessities.  Over the year’s leathermen and women were able to use McAdory grants as a springboard to get past a major hurdle in their lives. Since its inception the fund has provided over $205,000 in grants.

The principle of the McAdory Fund – We provide a hand up, not a handout.  No one is entitled to a grant, but any Club member can nominate for assistance himself or any other member of the leather community in need.  The McAdory Committee is supported by the members and leadership of the Chicago Hellfire Club but operates independently of the Club.  All requests for assistance and decisions on grants are kept strictly confidential with the McAdory committee.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance we ask that you follow these steps:
  1. If you are a CHC Member in good standing, you may request a grant application from the McAdory Committee at
  2. If you are not, please be sure a referral email is sent to the McAdory Committee by a CHC member in good standing.  If you do not have a sponsor please notify the committee, and an attempt will be made to connect you with a potential sponsor.  Again, the McAdory Committee is reachable via

Chicago Hellfire Club
PO Box 57098
Chicago, IL 60657

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